The XV International Workshop on Complex Systems will take place at Andalo between the 17th and the 20th of March 2019.

More in detail, it will start with a late afternoon session on Sunday the 17th and end at lunch time on Wednesday the 20th.

Andalo is a beautiful village in the heart of the mountains of Trentino, about 30 km far from Trento. The workshop site will be only a few meters away from the Ski area Paganella.

As in previous editions, an interdisciplinary program will be put together with the purpose of emphasizing new results and pointing out new directions, challenges and opportunities in diverse areas of research in complex systems. In particular, topics will include theory, experiments and simulations results on:

  • glasses & glass transition
  • soft matter & colloids
  • water & liquids
  • biological systems

Selected proceedings will be published in a special issue of Philosophical Magazine B.

Organizing committee

  • G. Baldi, Università di Trento (Italy)
  • F. Caporaletti, Università di Trento (Italy)
  • F. Dallari, Università di Trento (Italy)
  • A. Fontana, Università di Trento (Italy)
  • A. Martinelli, Università di Trento (Italy)
  • G. Monaco, Università di Trento (Italy)
  • M. Zanatta, Università di Verona (Italy)

Scientific committee

The scientific committee includes:

  • G. Baldi, Università di Trento (Italy)
  • S. Capaccioli, Università di Pisa (Italy)
  • J. Dyre, University of Roskilde (Denmark)
  • J. Feldman, Naval Research Laboratory (USA)
  • A. Fontana, Università di Trento (Italy)
  • G. Grübel, DESY FS, Hamburg (Germany)
  • L. Leuzzi, CNR-NANOTEC, Roma (Italy)
  • T. Loerting, University of Innsbruck (Austria)
  • C. Masciovecchio, Elettra – Sincrotrone Trieste (Italy)
  • G. Monaco, Università di Trento (Italy)
  • K. Ngai, CNR-IPCF, Pisa (Italy)
  • G. Ruocco, Università “La Sapienza” di Roma (Italy)
  • E. Zaccarelli, CNR-ISC, Roma (Italy)


Andalo is a beautiful village lying on the Paganella plateau, in the heart of the mountains of Trentino.

Its territory is part of the Adamello-Brenta natural park 

Ski-lift facilities lead visitors up to Cima Paganella (2125 m) to explore Alpine meadows and huts and are connected to Andalo’s ski-runs.

The workshop will be held at Hotel La Bussola.

Accommodations will be managed by the agency Consorzio Paganella Skipass on behalf of the Organizing Committee.

Useful information:

How to reach Andalo 
Weather in Andalo 

Important Dates - Schedule

Opening of Registrations: October, 2018
Deadline for abstract submission: 15th December, 2018
Acceptance of contributed talks/posters: 15th January, 2019