2022 IEEE International Workshop on

Sport, Technology and Research

6-8 July 2022 Cavalese, Italy

Università di Trento, IEEE Italy Section, IEEE












Sport is one of the most dynamic and promising sectors in terms of investment in research and innovation. Grounded on this evidence, the core purpose of the IEEE-STAR workshop is to foster research in technological innovation and excellence in sports equipment, technical materials, training technologies and performance monitoring, fan engagement and healthy lifestyles. By doing this the IEEE-STAR workshop aims to enhance the practice of sport and increase physical activity levels across the population, and highlight the the role of sport as a vehicle for social and economicl development.

Specifically, the event aims to:

  • promote and strengthen relationships, partnerships, alliances and networks between academia and industry in the field of sport innovation;
  • disseminate recent research and technology advancements, discoveries and novel applications to sport;
  • exchange ideas and strengthen cooperation between researchers;
  • increase the public's understanding and awareness of how the practice of sports can positively affect and individual’s quality of life;
  • facilitate the development of new entrepreneurial initiatives in the sportech sector.

The event features a comprehensive technical program including panels, technical sessions, and innovative industrial demonstrations.
Vertical panels will be an essential element of the IEEE-STAR workshop. Panels will bring together leading representatives from academia and industry to facilitate discussion around key topics and trends. Panel sessions will focus on challenging and emerging issues in all the areas of sports research and innovation.

Innovative industrial demonstrations will highlight exciting developmemnts across the field of sport innovation. A central role will be assigned to sport tech startups, whch will be offered a chance to introduce and demonstrate their products and services.

The technical sessions focus on challenging and emerging issues in all the areas of sports research and innovation, covering the full span from basic theories to practical applications. Potential program topics include, but are not limited to: physiological monitoring in sport, internet of things, wearable sensors and measurement systems in sport, training metrics and data analysis, device tracking, augmented reality, virtual reality, multimedia and information technologies, gamification, automatic content creation and distribution, technologies for fraud and match fixing detection, signal analysis and device engineering, data and big data analytics, video analysis, simulations and mathematical modeling, coaching and training support technologies, technology support in sport medicine, technology support in rehabilitation, aI for sport, e-sports and virtual sports, activity tracking & fitness, body parameters monitoring, sport community building, marketplaces, smart clothes, sport in smart cities, applied sport nutrition.

Prospective Authors of papers are invited to submit an abstract of typically 2 pages, consisting of a complete description of the proposed technical contribution and the key scientific and technological contributions. All submitted papers must be unpublished and not considered elsewhere for publication, should be written in English and formatted according the IEEE two-column Template. Each paper will be blind peer reviewed by the Technical Program Committee members. Review criteria are: fitness to the scope of the Workshop, originality and quality of the technical content, whole organization, and writing style. The paper should also clearly explain the significance of the contribution and it should be properly framed in the state-of-the-art by including a list of key references.
The length of the final papers is from 4 pages to 6 pages, without exceptions.

Submission implies willingness to register at the conference, pay the registration fee and attend the event to present the paper.

Accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings only if at least one Author is registered (student fees excluded), no exceptions. Proceedings papers need to be presented at the event to assure their submission for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore digital library.

Important deadlines

  • Abstract submission: 1 March 2022
  • Acceptance notification: 16 April 2022
  • Camera-ready papers submission: 15 May 2022
  • Early registration: 15 June 2022


TRACK 1: Smart Sport Facilities and Fan Engagement

  1. Augmented reality
  2. Virtual Reality
  3. Multimedia and information technologies
  4. Gamification
  5. Automatic content creation & distribution
  6. e-Sports / virtual sports
  7. Sport community building
  8. Marketplaces
  9. Smart clothes
  10. Sport in smart cities

TRACK 2: Sport Performance

  1. Activity tracking & fitness
  2. Body parameters monitoring
  3. Device tracking
  4. Physiological monitoring in sport
  5. Internet of Things
  6. Wearable sensors and measurement systems in sport
  7. Training metrics and data analysis
  8. Signal Analysis & Device Engineering
  9. Data and big data analytics
  10. Video analysis
  11. AI for sport

TRACK 3: Active Life styles

  1. Applied sport nutrition
  2. Technological Support in Sport Medicine & rehabilitation
  3. Computer-based simulation and mathematical modeling
  4. Coaching & training support technologies
  5. Active Mobility
  6. Sport development in communities
  7. Innovations of sport and leisure providers
  8. Sport community building
  9. Sport in smart cities

Initial author instructions

Authors should prepare an Abstract (2 pages) that clearly indicates the originality of the contribution and the relevance of the work. The Abstract should include the title of the paper, names and affiliations of the authors, an abstract, keywords, an introduction describing the nature of the problem and the state of the art in the field of interest, a description of the contribution, the results achieved and their applicability, conclusions, and references.

When the review process has been completed, authors receive a notification of either acceptance or rejection of the submission. If the paper has been accepted, the authors can prepare a final paper that incorporates the reviewers' suggestions.
The format for the final paper is identical to the format for the abstract except for the number of pages: the full paper has a required minimum length of five (5) pages and a maximum of six (6) pages.

Abstract / Final Paper Templates

For your convenience, the Style Manual and Conference Paper templates in various formats are available in the dedicated page

Submission of Abstract

Submission instructions will be published soon.


Registration Rates

  • IEEE Member: € 400
  • IEEE Student Member: € 150
  • Non Member: € 500

Covering The Expenses For Paper Publication

Please read carefully the following information concerning the registration procedure, especially if you are the prospective presenter of an accepted paper or if you need to guarantee inclusion of your accepted paper in the proceedings. An accepted paper will be published in the proceedings only if the full-fee registration payment (IEEE Member or IEEE non Member) for one of the authors is received and correctly processed by June 10, 2021. In addition, the author must attend the conference and present the paper. Papers that are not presented will not be published.

Only IEEE Member or non-member fees are allowed to cover the publication of an accepted paper. To qualify for member rates, the membership number must be provided in the registration form. Student registration fees do NOT guarantee the publication of an accepted paper. If the author registering to cover the paper publication is a student, he/she has to pay the appropriate member or non-member fee. Members to whom the society bylaws grant special discounts (e.g., Students, Life members of the IEEE) cannot use the discounted rates to cover the publication of an accepted paper, they have to pay the member fee.

One author registration will cover the publication expenses of only ONE accepted paper. For each additional accepted paper associated whit the same registration, a € 50 printing contribution will be charged (maximum ONE extra-paper). In the case that no registration has been received and correctly processed to cover the paper publication, the workshop organizers will contact the authors before the paper is removed from the proceedings.

Refund Policy

Conference registration will not be refunded if it is required to cover the publication expenses of an accepted paper.

The deadline for refunds is 10 June 2022.

Registration problems and further informations

For further information concerning your registration, please, contact only the STAR 2022 Local Arrangement:

Athena srl: athena@athenaconsulting.eu


General co-chairs

  • Paolo Bouquet, University of Trento, Italy
  • James Skinner, Loughborough University London, UK

Technical program co-chairs

  • Andrea Molinari, University of Trento, Italy
  • Vedran Bilas, University Zagreb, Croatia

Steering committee 

  • Sergio Rapuano, University of Sannio, IEEE Italy Section Chair
  • Tiziana Tambosso, IEEE Italy Section Senior Past-Chair
  • Bernardo Tellini, University of Pisa, IEEE Italy Section Junior Past-Chair

Honorary chair

  • Dario Petri, University of Trento, Italy

Finance chair

  • Pisana Placidi, University of Perugia, Italy

Track co-chairs

Smart Sport Facilities and Fan Engagement

  • Emiliano Schena, Bio-medical Campus University, Rome, Italy
  • Antonio Tessitore, University "Foro Italico", Rome, Italy

Sport Performance

  • Federico Schena, University of Verona, Italy
  • Antonio Paoli, University of Padua, Italy

Active Life Style

  • Martin Schnitzer, University of Innsbruck, Austria
  • Andrea Aliverti, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Exhibition Chairs

  • Domenico Formica, Bio-medical Campus University, Rome, Italy
  • Fabian Ulrich, Deutscher Fußball-Bund e.V., Germany