The main purpose of the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Laboratory (STEIN) is to focus on business research. The Lab research activity is strongly interdisciplinary, drawing on economic, statistical, management and legal knowledge and competences.. This approach allows to systematically collect and assess information on the various aspects considered essential to a business at the centre of the dynamics of an economic system.

The Laboratory also intends to contribute to the professional development and the dissemination of the research results in the business world. As such, the Lab will provide empirical research training based on its data, becoming  a place where to conduct applied research and where to offer continued training for managers, as well as for entrepreneurs and  aspiring ones. 

Research Areas

There are three large areas of interest:

  1. business and entrepreneurship – enterprise creation, evolution, selection and growth; decision-making, governance, knowledge management, human resources and risk models; internal business management strategies.
  2. innovation, technology and internationalization  - innovative processes, intellectual property rights and laws, technological spillovers, the impact of technology and internationalization.
  3. industrial, institutional and territorial dynamics – demographics, agglomeration, territories and markets; institutional contexts and business behavior; external constraints and public policies.

Methodology and Tools

STEIN embraces a methodology characterized by an empirical research approach based on the analysis of data, field studies and laboratory experiments as well as studies on regulatory impact and comparative case analysis. The laboratory plans to buy, build and maintain large data banks or datasets on businesses, entrepreneurship and innovation. Data will be acquired in particular through access to public or privately owned databases or by conducting specific surveys and case studies. When empirical studies involving experiments are to be carried out by the research area, CEEL will be consulted and collaboration sought.

The research group has solid experience in the field of applied business research. In particular, econometric techniques, spatial statistics and building case studies are part of the methodological makeup. The members of the laboratory integrate organizational knowledge and business strategy with the study of industrial dynamics and the analysis of innovation policies.

Entrepreneurship Support

The Laboratory intends to become a meeting point for young aspiring entrepreneurs as well as researchers and those already active in business. Informal business analysis sessions will be organized with a view to encouraging fruitful contacts and cross-fertilization among young graduates in economics, technology and in the natural sciences (Startup Café).

International Contact

The research group’s well-established network of national and international contacts is a continous source of  learning and facing up to the best practices in business and innovation research.


A new laboratory on entrepreneurship will start in September, devoted to the MAIN and MIM students, as well as for students of all other Departments.


The Contamination Lab (C-LAB) will start soon: it will be an opportunity for entrepreneurial creativity and training for start-uppers, students, talented people.

The C-LAB is organized on the basis of a sound horizontal interaction and cooperation among people with different and complementary skills.
CLab Trento


Laboratory members

Paolo Collini

Roberta Cuel
is an Associate Professor of Organization Studies. Her research interests aim at discovering the interdependencies between technology and organizations, in particular the impacts of innovative technologies on teams, communities, and organizational models, the study of distributed tools and processes which allow organizational learning and knowledge management, and knowledge representation systems as mechanisms for knowledge reification processes.

Elena Feltrinelli
Vittorino Filippas
is manager, start-up mentor, coach, entrepreneur and consultant in the fields of innovation, internationalization and cooperation. He covers top roles in organizations with the task of re-focusing their strategy, rightsizing and re-launching companies, very often making use of global alliances. As a lecturer he is focused to transfer his hands-on experience through international master, PhD and post doc training programs.
Maria Laura Frigotto
is assistant professor in Organization and Management Theory at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento. Her studies address the generation and emergence of novelty in organizations. Laura has a Ph.D. in Management from the Ca’ Foscari Univeristy in Venice. She was visiting scholar at Stanford University in 2007 and 2012-2013.
Loris Gaio
is an Associate Professor of Business Economics and Management at the Faculty of Economics , University of Trento, where he teaches courses in operations and project management. His past and current research interests include topics such as the role of modularity and standardization in the division of intellectual labor, the characteristics and importance of managerial practices in service industries, and the dynamics of collaboration and coordination in the creation of collective knowledge (crowdsourcing).
Diego Giuliani
Alberto NucciarelliAlberto Nucciarelli
is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Management at the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Trento. After a postdoctoral appointment at the Eindhoven University of Technology, TU/e, Alberto first joined Philips Research as a Research Scientist and then he worked as Research Fellow at the Faculty of Management at Cass Business School (City University London) where is now Honorary Visiting Fellow.
His research coalesces around digital economy and the relationship between strategy and technology development. He works on business models and business models innovation, technological platforms, smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Next Generation Networks. His papers are published on international peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Journal of Business Research, Production Planning and Control, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Government Information Quarterly, Telecommunications Policy, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, and International Journal of Production Economics) and he presents his novel research at international conferences. He is Member of the Academy of Management.
Diego Ponte
Alessandro Rossi
is assistant professor at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento (Italy). His research interests are in the management of innovation and in managerial decision making. He studied how organizational norms and practices shapes the collaborative production of complex artifacts and how the interplay between diversity, division of labor and communication improves decision-making in organizations.
Erica Santini
is a research fellow at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Trento. After earning her doctoral degree in Development Economics and Local Systems from the University of Florence and accepting a position as visiting fellow at the University of Birmingham in 2014-2015, she took up a postdoc position at the University of Neuchâtel. Her main research interests lie in innovation economics, learning and change dynamics in local productive systems, and the servitization enabled by digital innovation which characterizes in particular the manufacturing sector.
Sandro Trento
Head of STEIN
Enrico Tundis
Simonetta Vezzoso
Marco Zamarian
is an associate professor of organization theory and behavior and human resource management in the Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento, Italy.
His current research interests include organizational learning, knowledge creation and replication in industrial clusters, the impact of IT artifacts on organizational knowledge, and gender issues in scientific institutions.
Zamarian has a PhD in management from the University of Bologna.
Enrico Zaninotto
is full professor of Business Organizations Economics at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Trento. He directs, with prof. A. Leijohnfvud the “Advanced Summer School on Adaptive Economic Dynamics”. His main research focuses are on: 1. Organizational capabilities, growth and firm performances; 2. The productivity slowdown of Italian economy: empirical measurement, comparative assessment and causes. 
Fabio Zona

Members of Laboratory-Linked Projects

Nicolao Bonini
Pierfranco Camussone
Andrea Fracasso
Luigi Mittone
Matteo Ploner
Lucia Savadori
Maria Luigia Segnana
Ornella Tarola
(DISSE, Università la Sapienza, Roma)
Paola Villa



The Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Laboratory, which is located in the Department of Economics and Management in the University of Trento, focuses on business research. The Lab research activity is markedly interdisciplinary, being able to combine  economic, statistical, management and legal knowledge and competences.

The Laboratory intends to contribute to the professional development of individuals, as well as  to the broad dissemination of its research results into  the business world. As such, the Lab will provide empirical research training based on its data and will set up the STEIN Farm as a place for continued training and personal development for managers, as well as for  established and aspiring entrepreneurs.


The changes taking place in modern economics are marked by processes of decentralized manufacturing, outsourcing, and the vitalness of creative and project based activities. Over the next few years, a considerable portion of the overall skilled jobs will be linked to the creation of entrepreneurial and self-starting initiatives. Thus, there is a growing need to  foster and encourage entrepreneurial, proactive and creative behaviour and in order to grasp opportunities and exploit them as key business ideas.


The STEIN Farm aims to become a center for the nurturing and growth of business creativity and innovative ideas rooted within the University and the economic and social fabric of Trentino. Its ultimate goal is to give support to new entrepreneurial initiatives. Successful business ideas are not necessarily centered on the individual but on teams and interdisciplinary experiences. These ideas rise and grow as the result of the interaction between the scientific and managerial competences already abundant in Trentino but which still tend todevelop in an independent and fragmentary manner.


The Farm will provide the following services:

  1. Idea Generation Laboratories. Many initiatives currently in support of  innovation tend to concentrate on the development of ideas which have already been generated by research groups or individuals. We aim to supply the tools which  encourage the creation of new potential business ideas by starting from the cross fertilization between heterogeneous technical-scientific and business knowledge areas.
  2. Business Development Laboratories. The transition from the creation stage of an innovative idea to its definition as a business model is critical. Facing up to the the entrepreneurial environment and to the established business development institutions is extremely important in order to hone an idea and create further opportunities for negotiation. The Farm offers a mentoring service for neo entrepreneurs aiming at helping them in appropriately formulating  their business idea in preparation for successful outcomes when meeting with potential investors.
  3. Pitch. The Farm is a meeting place set up for neo entrepreneurs and a network of potential investors.
  4. Advanced entrepreneurial consulting services for active startups. We would like to support those who already have an ongoing entrepreneurial project, in providing them with effective governance and strategy solutions, market intelligence, project management, and helping them in understanding the basic legal framework supporting innovative activities, such as the applicable intellectual property laws.

Resources and Skills

The Farm includes experts in developing new entrepreneurial ideas as well as strategy specialists and experts in market research, business and commercial law, innovation management and corporate finance.



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Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Laboratory  (STEIN)
Laboratorio strategia, imprenditorialità e innovazione