Guided tour to the library of the University of Trento

On the second Friday of each month, a one-and-a-half hour guided tour (5-6.30pm) will lead visitors through the shelves and stacks of the Central University Library (BUC), designed by architect Renzo in Le Albere neighbourhood, on the former industrial area of Michelin industries. A space designed for the University’s students and faculty, but open to all.

The guided tour is free of charge. Booking is required via Eventbrite. Guided tours are available once a month, also in English.

The BUC, designed by architect Renzo Piano, opened on 19 November 2016. The library is located, with the MUSE Science Museum, in a new neighbourhood called Le Albere, on the former Michelin industrial area. A space designed for the University’s students and faculty, but open to all. On the shelves of 13 large halls and rooms, readers are free to browse through some 200,000 volumes in the discipline areas of economics, law, social sciences and humanities.
The notion of “library” has changed. Once books were the only thing that mattered, the number of books that a library possessed. What matters now is the way in which books are displayed, the sense of pleasure you experience, the ability to do research through connections with other libraries worldwide. [...] I cannot claim to have built a beautiful library. But we have sought beauty. [...] We have sought it in the harmony of the volumes, and most of all in the use of light..
Renzo Piano

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 17 April 2020, h. 5 pm - Cancelled event 

 15 May 2020, h. 5 pm - Cancelled event

 12 June 2020, h. 5 pm - Cancelled event


Dates are subject to change, please always check this page for the most up to date information. Private guided tours can be arranged for groups and schools, upon reservation.
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